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Close or Deal with the Guilt

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Does your company have competitors that do a better install than yours? If you actually perform the best installation in your area, then your customers and potential customers should only have your company install their comfort system. In other words, if your customers have anyone else install their equipment, they will get a lesser quality installation. A lesser quality installation will result in more service calls, higher utility bills and a shorter life. Added up, a lesser quality installation will end up costing the homeowner more in the long run.

You must be the best at what you do. Your company needs to be the best of the best at everything you do. There is no reason why every team member should not strive to be their very best at everything they do. Service and maintenance technicians have the ability to help homeowners teaching them how they can be healthy and safe, and save money. Comfort advisors have an even harder job because they need to convince the homeowners how important it is to install their new comfort system properly so they will save money for years to come.

We all have seen installations that were performed incorrectly. Properly installed systems come with precision and attention to detail. Every aspect of the install requires a pro who cares enough to do it right. Adjusting the refrigerant, fan speeds and gas pressure, sealing returns and supplies, replacing gas valves, drains and making sure the refrigerant lines are clean and the right size. Not a lot of companies do all of these things. Some do very few of these things or don’t do them properly. Do you?

If you know your competitors cut corners in any of these processes, and your company does not allow an improper installation, then when your customers choose not to have you install their system, they will get a lesser quality installation. Are you willing to let that happen? Will you allow your potential to customer receive an installation that will cost them hundreds of dollars over the life of the system?

Close! We know that the installation of a comfort system is as important as the name on the box. Educate homeowners on how important it is to perform a proper installation. Convince them that you will do the job right and stand behind it. Take them to the place where they know what needs to be done and that your company is the only one who will do it right. When they know these things, when they are convinced that your company is the right choice, they will want to do it right. Some will gamble and see if others will do what you do for less, but an educated buyer will typically do the right thing for their home and their family.

Most installations you are replacing have good examples of what not to do. Show them the deficiencies in their existing system and how it affects their health and comfort. Show them how you and your team will fix those deficiencies and more, performing the perfect installation that will perform at its best for years and years. Train your installation team to do it right, expect perfection and guarantee your work.

Close! If you allow your homeowners to do business with pretty much anyone else in your area, they will get a lesser quality install. Don’t allow that to happen. Care enough about your clients to properly educate them about how you and your team will properly install their new system and then do just that. Your job is to close because when you don’t you are putting them in a position to be disappointed with their new system. Close the sale because having your company perform their installation is the right choice.

Our job is to sell the installation. Your homeowners can get the same equipment from lots of other companies, but they can only get your installation from you. Make sure you are the best choice and convince homeowners that you are their best choice. If you are their best choice, then make sure they know it. If you allow them to do business with a company that will just take their money and leave them with a furnace and air conditioner that will cost them more than it should then you are doing your community a disservice. A new comfort system is one of the most expensive purchases a homeowner will buy and it should be done right. They deserve to know what they should expect.

People want to be educated properly and people want to get the best from their investments. Let homeowners know what to expect and show them how you will give them the best and let them decide. Close. When you don’t your customers are the ones who lose.