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How Pearl Certification Fuels Your Business

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Homeowners want a contractor they can trust, but how can they determine that yours is a more reputable company than your competition? Pearl Certification helps you communicate your credibility in order to close more deals at the kitchen table.

1. Differentiation

You know that sometimes your competition supplies low-quality equipment with a sub-par installation, but ultimately, it’s your word against theirs. Pearl helps high-quality contractors like you authenticate your exceptional customer service, superior products, and first-rate installations with its third-party certification.

The Pearl Network is not a pay-to-play. We take our accreditation seriously and only accept the best home services contractors in the business. When you can provide homeowners with verified documentation of the increased value you bring to a home, you can compete on quality, not just price.

2. Brands You Can Trust

Pearl is the only national sponsor of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program and is a partner with the National Association of REALTORS® Green Resource Council. When you align your business with Pearl Certification, you align your business with the most reputable names in the industry. As a member of the elite Pearl Network, you earn the right to display the Proud Partner graphic on your website and other marketing materials, clearly communicating your affiliations to potential customers.

3. Pearl Products and Sales Tools

Pearl puts our third-party certification at your fingertips with our Cert App, providing you with direct access to upload images and easily enter key information about the installation so we can third-party certify your work. We can even connect the Cert App to your customer relationship management (CRM) platform to automate the certification process.

We also offer IncentivesHub, a first-of-its-kind embeddable tool that lives on your website and finds home energy rebates, tax credits, and your own custom discounts for your customers and prospects. Driving traffic to your website and demonstrating how affordable your services can be have never been easier.

To learn more about joining the elite Pearl Network and differentiating your business from the low-quality competition, schedule a call with Laara van Loben Sels, Sales Executive for Pearl’s Home Services and New Build Division. Let Pearl make your value visible to homeowners.