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Behind the Scenes with Deion Sanders at EPIC2024

We hope you enjoyed Deion “Coach Prime” Sanders during EPIC2024. Now you can see what Deion’s day was like at EPIC2024 with this exclusive behind-the-scenes vlog, produced by his son, Deion Sanders Jr. of Well Off Media.

Deion Sanders has accomplished it all in sports. A star of both NFL and MLB, “Prime Time” is a two-time Super Bowl champion, 8-time Pro Bowler and NFL Hall of Famer generally regarded as the best cornerback in NFL history. In his post-playing career, however, he’s doing even bigger things.

First at Jackson State, and now at the University of Colorado, Deion has taken the college football world by storm, combining his signature charisma and dynamic speaking with a principled dedication to true leadership. “Coach Prime” has repeatedly broken new ground as a head coach, bringing historic success to Jackson State’s program and putting Colorado on that same path, and he’s consistently recruited elite talent to places we’ve never before seen in the sport. His ability to connect with his team and with potential recruits, and to instill motivation and a dedication to victory in every member of every organization he’s been a part of, translates not just to football but to every team striving for success.

At EPIC2024, the legendary Deion Sanders took the stage as our closing keynote to discuss not only his path to greatness as an athlete, but the most crucial lessons he’s learned and embraced that have brought him success as a coach.

At EPIC2024, Deion Sanders discussed:
• The right leadership for your team
• Fostering a teamwork mindset
• Overcoming and bouncing back from failure
• Instilling a positive culture in your organization
• Recruiting the best talent – even without the most resources
• Leveraging social media to grow your brand
• And more!