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Social Styles & Personality Training for Front Line Service Teams to WOW

The relationship with a customer is the foundation for success in selling. It is possible a client who doesn’t trust you will buy from the company or service technician, but it’s extremely rare. And so it’s critical we learn the processes to develop the very best customer service skills and client relationships to maximize the company’s opportunities. In this section we explore the need to assess our service personnel for their own strengths and developmental areas as they relate to personalities and social styles, then train them on how to be the best at making people feel great about our services and brand. Once we have established the basis for each of our team members, we can then explore the methods and skills to work with our customers who are not wired similar to our individual technicians or CSR teams. The ability to adapt or emotionally connect with your customers is what separates the customer experience beyond the technical fix, and allows a company to create additional sales, margin and profits while making customers love your brand. Learn the process to become exceptional at operational excellence as it relates to people.