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Positivity Helps Convert Calls Into Sales

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Zig Ziglar once said “Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will!” When your CSRs are positive and upbeat when taking calls from potential customers, you will be able to deliver a WOW experience that will convert those potential customers into active customers each and every time! Using positive language, having a great attitude and teaching your CSRs to say “Yes!” to your customers will help convert more calls into business for your company.

Being Positive

Each day, your CSRs have a choice when it comes to answering calls. Put yourself in your customers shoes—if you call a company and are talking to someone who is humdrum, uninspired or in a bad mood, would you want to share the problem that you are having or would you feel good about doing business with them? Now, turn that around—if you call a company and the person on the phone is upbeat, engaging, listens to your problem and offers to say “Yes” when it comes to helping you, wouldn’t you want to do business with someone who seems to care about your problems?

Your CSRs have a choice regarding the attitude that they embrace. Teaching them how to be positive, how to share their positive attitude with every caller, and encouraging them to say “Yes” to customer questions can help your home service company convert calls into business every time!

Practice the Power of Positive

There is an old saying that “Into every life a little rain must fall.” While it is true that hard times come to all of us, how you react to negative occurrences is up to you. Everyone that has worked in customer service can share stories about difficult customers who didn’t respond to any attempts to fix the problem that was bothering them. Take a minute to look back at what you could have done from a CSR perspective—were you positive? Did you try to solve their problem or were you just interested in reading from a script? What could have been going on in their life at that moment that made them seem so difficult to deal with?

Practicing the power of positive comes from being trained on how to turn a negative experience into a positive outcome for your customer. Being positive doesn’t just happen overnight; CSRs need to be trained on how to be positive and our Pattern of Excellence is designed to accomplish that goal for home service CSRs. Using the customer’s name, being sincere and genuine, speaking clearly, projecting a positive attitude and learning how to WOW the customer by leaving them more than satisfied at the end of the call can help convert a frustrated caller into a happy customer for your business!

Customers for Life

When you have a high performing, positive CSR team, you have the opportunity to not only convert more callers to customers, you have an even greater asset—champions of your brand both internally and externally. We have all worked with individuals who are negative, who think the sky is always falling and who expect the worse; more often than not, those are the people that can bring down the mood of the entire team. When you have a positive team that works together and offers outstanding, WOW experiences for customers and who see the good in everything, your entire home service company feels energized and ready to take over the world! Teaching your CSRs how to have a positive attitude with customers and help them feel good about working with your business, will encourage them to share their positive experience with others and will mean more money for your home service company. Why? Because positive people book more calls.